Rc Drift Track Near Me, Steering Wheel Remote Control Car, Axial Yeti Jr

Arrowmax launches three new prod Axial Yeti Jr ucts. The first is a tail suspe Steering Wheel Remote Control Car nsion upgrade kit for the Yokomo B-Max 1/10 electric off-road vehicle, suitable for B-Max2 and B-Max4. The kit includes two blue electroplated hubs, carbon fiber Camber link connection brackets, and seals. High-speed bearings, etc. The kit can provide 6 different Camber holes for players to set. After using this kit, it can strengthen the rigidity of the tail suspension and get more setting options.
In addition to the suspension kit, Arrowmax also introduced counterweights for Yokomo B-Max4 III, 50 grams. Suitable for use on high-grip tracks, allowing the car to have a more ideal center of gravity distribution.
Arrowmax also introduced the V3 version of the multifunctional shock caliper, which is convenient for fixing the shock core and the bucket during the reorganization of the shock. Enter the Arrowmax brand zone to participate in the interaction- \u0026 gt; Click here to enter

Senseinnovations Sanshi Innovations launched a new ESS-ONE + remote control car sound simulator. ESS-ONE + uses advanced DNS / DCR algorithm to reproduce the real engine sound. It is an algorithm that calculates the simulation engine dynamic Rc Drift Track Near Me effect in real time according to the throttle amount of the user, the speed of the throttle action. It is not a sound simulation system that records sound for throttle ratio matching. ESS-ONE + supports auxiliary channels, which can simulate various sounds, such as alarms. The user’s remote control has a third channel to operate an independently controlled sound source. Such as siren, alarm, car horn, etc. See the RC / PLUS source library for a detailed source directory. ESS-ONE + supports the sound of two engines, enabling fast switching between engine sounds. ONE + can burn the sound effects of two vehicle engines, and configure different parameters such as brakes, turbines, and so on. Users can switch between them with one click. ESS-ONE + supports RC + to realize the function setting and sound purchase of the sound store.
RC + is RC PLUS. This is a software brand of Sanshi Innovation. It mainly serves as the configuration and setting function of hardware products. The sound source library system is also integrated in it to serve the majority of model lovers through a data server. It will be migrated to mobile terminals in the future. Bring more convenient setting mode to players.
ESS-ONE + supports firmware upgrade and function upgrade. RC + provides permanent firmware upgrade services and software iterations. Customers purchasing Sanshi’s innovative products are equivalent to having a permanent software upgrade service. Not only RC + software, but also user ESS hardware devices have been doing firmware upgrades to bring the best, the latest, and the most sour experience to users.
· Power supply voltage support range: 5Volts-26Volts
· Speaker impedance: 4Ohms
· Output power 4 ohms: 20W / 3S (12V)
· Audio channel: 1 channel 30W maximum
· Short circuit, overload, thermal protection.

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