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Hooying Technology has released an optional titanium shaft rotor (model: V10-Rotor-Φ5-12.5-U-T) specially designed for the competition-level motor V10 G2. This titanium shaft rotor specially designed for flat road carpet races has been tested by Bruno Coelho and Traxxas Nitro Sport Parts Nicholas Lee. It has extremely linear head performance in the carpet race with the HY Ying XR10 PRO ESC program, and the throttle controll Fast Rc Cars ability in the bend is obvious. Ascent, especially on small carpeted areas and outdoor areas with low grip, can easily make a faster average lap speed. The use of special titanium alloy material makes the rotor lighter, and the speed-up force of the 12.5mm diameter magnetic ring in the middle tail section is also very obvious. It is definitely a necessary upgrade for the MODIFIED group of carpet games.The Tamiya TA05 V Rc Fj Cruiser er.II frame is equipped with a Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza body shell, which has been launched on June 27. It is believed that it will soon enter the Chinese market. The TA05 frame is a dual-belt four-wheel drive electric RV, and the TA05 VerII is optimized in terms of weight distribution / frame balance. At the same time, some components of the TA05 frame have been adjusted and optimized, and the walking performance has been further improved. This electric room remote control car is a very cost-effective entry-level and intermediate product. It has the characteristics of a competitive electric room, and at the same time maintenance and walking characteristics can meet the needs of junior and intermediate players.RS5 Motorsport has announced the launch of the RS5 T14 1/5 flat road gasoline remote control car. The car has won three EFRA (European Championships) championships. The new car uses new brake calipers to improve braking performance; the newly designed steering assembly adjusts the Ackermann angle. The suspension was replaced with a new lower rocker arm, a new anti-roll bar and a ball joint, and the suspension performance and durability have been improved. With adjustable bottom plate, new second floor and fuel tank, new steering gear base and steering gear rocker arm, the car’s handling and walking performance are better. RS5 Motorsport is from Hungary. In addition to its excellent performance, the product has a very high degree of authenticity, and it can be called an RC artwork.

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