Rc Flip Car, Hpi Venture Upgrades, Rc Lowrider With Hydraulics

Sanwa introduced the Exzes-Z s Rc Lowrider With Hydraulics tick (stic Hpi Venture Upgrades k) remote control, which is actually a stick version of the M12. It h Rc Flip Car as ultra-high response speed, real-time change of set curve function, built-in remote sensing function, and external sensors can measure speed, voltage, temperature and other parameters. The new Exzes-Z is lighter, with a 128 × 256 LCD display and a more user-friendly setting interface.

New Features:

• DMS Setting: Directly read your registered model at the launch
• TH 5: 5 mode: TH neutral pulse 1.5m sec
• Point AUX : integrated maximum 6 points AUX
• MOA MIX: Respond to 2 motor throttle
• 4WS MIX: Respond to front and rear steering individually
• SPEED Setting: ST / TH point, direction setting available
• MODEL Sorts Setting: Model order can be sorted as you like
• Ch Set Menu Setting: Setting menu for every CH

-Car type select: 10 categories
-Racing mode: able to change driving status in a single touch
-Data logger: data can be sent to the PC
-Monitoring: share data with another transmitter
-PC link: able to read and write the data to the PC
-Dual steering: able to set the rudder angle individually
-Best fit setting: Able to set the driver’s best condition
-Curve setting: able to fine adjust 9/18 point curve
– LCD display: 128 × 256 full dot LCD display
-Custo m menu: user friendly menu structure

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