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3Racing will launch the Sakura FGX Evo (Sakura) 1/10 electric formula remote control car. It adopts the same monocoque structure as the real F1, with a mid-mounted motor and Rc Racing Near Me a flat-type suspension. The weight distribution of the entire vehicle is closer to that of a F1 car. The use of large-capacity shock absorbers at the rear and the front and rear anti-roll bars make the car more stable. The motor has more adjustable positions, giving players / riders more gear options. 3Racing will announce more details in the near future.
Capo’s new car Off Road Rc Track JKMAX was unveiled at the Hong Kong G6 event, causing many RCFans to be hotly debated on the forums and WeChat public accounts. How is Capo’s new car running? Live walking video provided by David Joe, enjoy together.
Traxxas’ TRX-4 climbing remote control car has been on the market for some time and has been very popular. Even the statistics of search keywords in RCFans show that the TRX-4 keyword has ranked first for five consecutive weeks. In order t Rc Honda Civic o better meet the needs of TRX-4 owners / players, and have more freedom of modification and spray painting, unpainted transparent Land Rover Defender (Land Rover Defender) shells will be launched on the market soon, with body stickers. Item # 8011.

Craft RC, a customized company, announced the launch of a series of stickers for KO’s Esprit III. The stickers are made of the best quality materials, are easy to stick and can be used for a long time. Styles include multiple colors, and cool carbon fiber colors.

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