Rc Lambo, Upgrade Rc, Amphibious Rc

A few days ago, Kyosho Kyosho announced that it will launch Amphibious Rc a replica of the Turbo Scorpion 1/10 2WD electric off-road vehicle (Buggy). The official photos of the new car are announced today. This engraved product has been optimized and upgraded from the 1982 prototype. It uses a white disc frame (bottom Upgrade Rc pocket design), red aluminum shock absorbers and large rim tires to support the mainstream 2.2-inch off-road tires. . The suspension system has also been upgraded, the gears have been replaced with 48P and the limited slip differen Rc Lambo tial has been enhanced. It is believed that brushless power will be used. The Le Mans 240 brushless motor can be seen in the figure. It is expected to be officially launched in November.

TOP Racing’s Photon (photon) electric house has previously appeared in CAD design drawings on the RCFans Forum. The car was designed by Josh Cyrul and is suitable for asphalt and carpet roads. Now official photos of the real car are officially released. Ultra-low center of gravity design, which optimizes the balance of the frame according to the weight of lithium battery. This brand of electrical room shipments are not large, and the previous products can not be compared with other top products, but Top Racing’s electrical room products have absorbed sufficient experience and believe that product performance and quality have improved. We look forward to this The product has a powerful fighting force, challenging the top frame.

Appeared in ROAR Carpet Nats events 7 years of preparation, 2 years of research and development efforts, at 3:00 pm on October 27, 2015, with the efforts of all employees, FID released the DH rear axle gasoline remote control racing car. This is a brand new racing concept, brand new Frame layout structure, bringing players new control fun! After DH, the straight axle racing car has a long research and development time. The standard version of the entire vehicle frame, all metal upgrades are equipped with more than 50%, while the RTR version is standard (without remote control battery) is also equipped with a Komatsu 29CC engine. High configuration, FID always believes that every accessory on the car is very important, and it needs to be done to the extreme, the best, absolutely unambiguous. The maximum outer diameter of the DH front CVD is 26mm, the rear axle semi-axle is 15mm, 3 full metal differentials are used in the front, middle and rear, the processing method of pure mechanical gears, 5mm outsole and so on.
FID DH Warhammer Official Promotional Video

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