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French Racing Experience launched a fuel Hot Fire Euro, Nitro with a maximum ratio of 25%, which is completely suitable for European off-road events! The lubricating formula is different from the fuel on the market. The factory claims that the lubricating effect is better, which can accelerate the acceleration more linearly, and increase the fuel utilization rate. The domestic side is temporarily unclear whether there is an agent to introduce Audi R8 Rc Car this fuel. I believe that Hong Kong will soon introduce an agent. In terms of RC fuel selection, RCFans recommends that you purchase fuels of large brands. Some domestic and unknown brands of fuels have ambiguous nitro ratios, substandard lubrication formulas, and excessive water content. If these fuels are used in remote control model cars Shanghai, especially high-speed racing engines, is likely to cause engine reimbursement. Don’t try to be cheap and cause huge losses.Serpent 811 Cobra 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicle shocked to land in RCFans group purchase! Powered by Italy’s top Novarossi engine (3 Port hand drawn)! Please note that this RTR product sta Traxxas Summit Upgrade Parts nds for Ready To Race, indicating that the car is already capable of racing and can be put into the race at any time! The remote control equipment uses DragonRC 2.4GHz remote control with LCD display, 10.5kg metal gear powerful steering gear. The 811 Cobra RTR is definitely the best oil-powered off-road in a competitive price-performance ratio!
2650 yuan to start! Limited quantity, please enterThe ‘oil-to-electricity’ kit for 5ive- Rc Monster Truck Racing T and 5ive-B gasoline vehicles launched by TLR under the brand Horizon Hobby. This set of original kits can make 1/5 petrol remote control cars become brushless electric vehicles, no special modification and special tools are needed for installation, and it perfectly supports the original factory holes. The kit includes a carbon fiber receiver board, a new dual steering gear protection rocker arm for more precise steering, an adjustable battery holder (supporting 163mm length batteries, large-capacity lithium batteries), a motor holder supporting a 58mm motor, and an electronic transmission installation location Optimized to ensure good thermal performance. Part number TLR358000. Please enter

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