Rc Off Road Jeep, Rc General Lee, Losi Mini

RC4WD company launched Trail Finder 2 (hereinafter referred to as TF2) remote control truck with Mojave shell (hard plastic shell). The frame uses a billet aluminum ladder frame chassis that is highly photorealistic. It is equipped with a leaf spring suspension system that is made smaller according to the proportion of the actual vehicle. The appearance of the actual vehicle is also completely copied to On the car shell of this remote control car. So this TF2 is highly realistic, both in terms of machinery and appearance! In fact, TF2 is a real remote control climbing vehicle with certain off-road climbing ability. The TF2 uses a 4WD transmission system with a two-speed selector. The bulletproof transmission gearbox protects the shell and the newly designed transmission shaft to ensure the durability of the car, while making the TF2 easily cope with more difficult terrain. TF2 is believed to be one of the flagship products of the US RC4WD, and the corresponding upgrade and modification accessories will also be availabl Losi Mini e one after another! China is expected to be available in mid-to-late February. Rc General Lee Related Reading:
Mojave also refers to a famous desert in the southwestern United States. Mojave of RC4WD refers to off-road trucks that conquer this desert.


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