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Xceed RC’s off-road vehicle parking platform is made of lightweight aluminum with a black appearance and a suspension bracket on the top, which is convenient for players to assemble and use suspension. Supplementary knowledge: What is the role of the parking table? Let the suspension system of the frame, especially the suspension, not be compressed to ensure the best performance of the suspension system, and various types of vehicles such as RVs and off-road vehicles have corresponding parking platforms. Strong and light offroad stand for all kinds of offroad cars. Ideal as work-station to prepare your car on. Black anodized li Xmaxx 8S ghtweight aluminum with Xceed logo laser-engraved. Large holes in the top-deck for shock-absorber assembly. Foam padding on the top-fac Bmw Rc Car e, and strengthening ribs on the inside, which double up a Rc Parts Near Me s quick tool-holder too. Strong and durable rubber feet to keep it well in position.

Xceed RC are happy to introduce the latest addition to our line of racer friendly products with the introduction of this handy car stand. Suitable for most scales of on road vehicles, electric and gas, it has been made from a single piece of 2mm thick black anodised aluminium. Sporting the Xceed logo laser etched into the top and sides, the feet and top platform feature foam pads for helping to prevent your car and stand from moving around your work bench. A nice added feature is the inclusion of 4 holes in the top surface for sitting your shock absorbers into w hen refilling them.

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