Rc Pickup Truck, Traxxas E Revo 1 16 Body, Rc Drift Wheels

Team Associated (AE) ‘s RC10 series launches the re-engraved legendary model race roller. This is a 1/10 2WD electric off-road vehicle. It is available in limited editions and will be very cost-effective. 2WD World Championship. The reprinted version of the Rc Drift Wheels race roller was assembled by an AE technician or Traxxas E Revo 1 16 Body driver before leaving the factory. Although this is an electric off-road vehicle from the 1990s, in order to meet the current competition requirements, AE has added some modern accessories, including V2 avoid Vibrator, V2 limited slip differential, upgraded CVA drive shaft. The classic E-Viet design plus some modern parts, I believe this product will be full of fun!


Assembly completed
Black reinforced 6061-T6 aluminum disc frame Stealth 3-gear gearbox
V2 limited slip differential
16 high-precision bearings
Turbo Mirage shell, 5.5 ”tail and painted sticker
V2 6061-T6 aluminum shock absorber
Independent suspension and high durability extended front suspension rocker aluminum front 30 degree caster fixed Seat
Upgrade CVA drive shaft
Steel putter

CNRC SCANIA BOOMRACING # 15 CNRC Truck Rock. In each issue of the video, we are working hard to create new elements. In this issue, Scania uses homemade beams, BOOMRACING axles and Boom 120mm diameter tires. The suspension is King70mm. The car shell uses Tamiya 1/14 tractors, and the rear bucket is made of two ABS boards of 2mm. The wheelbase of the entire vehicle reaches 384mm, and the CNRC reverse transmission box is used. Due to the special modification of the lo Rc Pickup Truck ng wheelbase chassis, the actual passability is much higher than that of a conventional 313mm wheelbase climbing car. The passing performance of the car is more rigorous due to the higher center of gravity of the tractor. The lateral support of the truck is also higher than that of the previous video vehicles, but the wheel hub still uses the thinnest 225 size coupler. The actual vehicle width is the same as our ordinary 313 wheelbase. I hope this video can inspire more model friends to join us and innovate together! Our goal is not to buy and buy, but to do it yourself!

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