Rc Pocket Racers, Little Tikes Tire Twister, High End Rc Cars

RC Revolution sho High End Rc Cars wed a modified ve Little Tikes Tire Twister rsion of Rc Pocket Racers the Hong Nuo off-road vehicle on their website, with the front suspension changed to a putter. Like the idea of ​​some new cars now, the angle of the suspension putter is quite flat, but in the era of big suspension, is this suspension capacity enough?

To celebrate the 2017 IFMAR 1/10 Electric Off-Road Vehicle World Championships held in Xiamen, China, Arrowmax launched a limited-edition and newly designed electric off-road vehicle repair platform, limited to 70 worldwide. The new model has a black and gold-colored aluminum alloy base, a 2mm-thick carbon fiber panel, and is affixed with a moderately thick non-slip sponge and printed with the official mark of this World Championship.
In addition to being practical, Arrowmax is also a souvenir for the historic hosting of the World Championships in China. It is now available while stocks last, product number AM-172034.Kyosho Kyosho will launch the MP9 TKI4 1/8 Buggy in April. It can be seen from the photos provided by designer and world champion Yuichi Kanai (Mr. Kanai) that the new shell is replaced with a new design that more effectively protects the wheels and nuts. The new TKI4 will be aimed at the IFMAR 1: 8 World Touring Off-Road Vehicle World Championship in Las Vegas, USA this year! 100% made in Japan, more details announced recently.

Losi is about to release this fender for 1-8 and 8ight-T. It is fixed on the rear A arm with screws to protect the drive shaft and shocks from being hit by the gravel and dirt raised by the front wheels. It is made of high-molecular carbon polymer and is quite lightweight.

In fact, there are many similar autonomous fenders in the workshop. You can also make one yourself. But obviously this one from the factory is much more handsome and the design is more reasonable.

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