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Proline has Xmaxx Motor Mount released Rc Drift Parts two upgraded versions of its existing products, starting with Crime Fighter. Because the curre Rc Racing Near Me nt Truggy has rapidly developed to the point of fierce competition, the launch of high-performance and low-inertia (lpr) tires is inevitable.

The other is a hole shot of the front wheel of the 4WD electric BUGGY, which is the first time that Square Lug technology has been used in the field of trams.

The founder of the CORR-like truck boom is Traxxas’ Slash. Although there are many major manufacturers joining the competition, Slash is still the hottest car model of its kind. JConcepts has launched the Illuzion series shell for Slash. The factory name is ‘Truth’ series of patterns. At the same time, the shape of the car shell also provides more space for the wheel to move up and down.

Arrowmax introduced the new Golden Super Camber Gauge, suitable for 1/10, 1/8 flat road and off-road remote control vehicles. Accurate laser-engraved graduations, high-quality CNC aluminum, with Arrowmax’s unique black gold appearance and honeycomb design. Product number AM-171097.
KillerBody from the United States launched the Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa bodyshell, suitable for 1/10 RVs. Reproduced by the original factory authorized manufacturers, providing red, yellow and silver for players to choose, high degree of detail completion, including rear-view mirrors and car stickers are included in the product.

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