Rc Radio Control Car, Traxxas Defender, Tamiya Rc

On June 1 Tamiya Rc , Ripmax announced the acquisition of HPI Racing. It seems tha Traxxas Defender t the HPI of the new owner has improved. RCFans received an email from HPI. While promoting the existing rally car products, HPI will continue to improve the rally car products in an effort to make it more realistic and rich Fun Rc Radio Control Car rally cars and peripheral accessories, will rally cars become a new boom?
Sweep Racing introduces strong double-sided adhesive, which can securely fix electronic transmission, receiver and other equipment on the RV frame or Pan car frame! The product is two 60 × 100mm double-sided adhesive tapes. In addition to the strong adhesive effect, Sweet Racing has a certain shock absorption effect and will not leave traces when it is removed.Corally HMX electric touring car spy photos exposure, photos from RC50.com. It is not clear when HMX will be available in the market. Corally products are recognized by players for their outstanding performance. Unfortunately, there are fewer Corally players in Hong Kong and the Mainland. First enjoy the spy photos of HMX.
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Are you satisfied with the price of the remote control car products now? What is the ideal remote control car? Fill out the questionnaire, get the chance to get RCFans points and even gifts, and have a chance to talk with the founders of RCFans! Please pay close attention to the recent RCFans WeChat information!

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