Rc Rock Crawler Axles, Rc Car Stand, Hot Racing Xmaxx

HB Racing launched the D819 1/8 oil-powered o Hot Racing Xmaxx ff-road vehicle in January this year, and the brushless electric version of the E819 E-buggy is also about to debut. The E819 is based on the E817 V2 model, and has optimized some designs to make the car faster and more durable. 2mm wheelbase has been added to improve handling and jumping performance. The newly designed thickened central support rod further enhances the strength of the frame; the suspension hub and rim coupler have also been repla Rc Car Stand ced with new parts, and the single-shell suspension swing arm (monocoque) and low-center-of-gravity battery mount (supporting battery combination 2x2s and 2x2s short-body lithium batteries) are standard. The transmission system uses lightweight large gears and a new 43/13 front and rear differential to improve transmission efficiency. The JConcepts Silencer S15 bodyshell is also included in the product. HB Racing also announced that new parts of the E819 can support the older E817 and E817 V2.
LRP launches 2018 competition-grade high-voltage lithium battery LiHV for remote control vehicles. The new series uses the new graphene Graphene-2 ​​high-voltage battery, 120C instantaneous / 60C continuous high-performance output, low-voltage power failure is controlled at 4.2V like the standard lithium battery. Lighter weight and lower center of gravity, hard shell with 5mm connector. LRP offers a variety of models to choose from, including the 8000mAh TC (Electric Touring Car) Stock Spec, the 6400mAh TC (Electric Touring Car) Low Center o Rc Rock Crawler Axles f Gravity Stock Spec, and the 6000mAh 112.5mm length short battery. There are 5800mAh Stock Spec short battery, 4600mAh 25.1mm short battery Stock Spec and 4200mAh 2 ultra short battery. Finally, it also launched the 8000mAh 1 / 12th Ultra LCG 1S pack and the 6200mAh 1 / 12th Ultra LCG Stock Spec specifically for 1/12 electric flat cars (12).

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