Rc Rock Crawler Rc Buggy, Robinson Racing Rc, Traxxas Bandit Upgrades

At the upcoming 612 LACAR SUMMER SHOW, LACAR will jointly host the RC remote control car competition with Cheda Magazine and RCFans remote contr Traxxas Bandit Upgrades ol fans. The passionate collision between the auto industry and the model car industry sparks sparks, attracting players from Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta How can you like RC miss this powerful environment in Summer Show? On June 1 Robinson Racing Rc 2th, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 3, the RC competition promises you!
The first trend car culture festival in 2011 Many businesses, riders, and audiences went to the trend car event! The live programs were rich and the crowd was turbulent. Many mainstream media in the Pearl River Delta region participated in the whole process. In 2011, a large-scale modification event in Guangdong Province not only gathered enthusiasts from all over the Pearl River Delta, calling on different types of modified cars to come together to compete for the best spicy cars of all types; hot girls Rc Rock Crawler Rc Buggy will be beautifully dressed and compete for the best car model reputation. Various remodeling merchants and brands are pouring in, brand displays, discounts and hot sales, and interaction with enthusiasts …
Tamiya (Tamiya) launched the TRF417 V5 package (Premium Package Chassis Kit). This 417 product is equipped with new carbon fiber second floor, one-piece motor mount, aeration shock (improved grip) and other upgraded parts. 3.5mm thickness new head and tail carbon fiber oil pressure frame and new drive shaft cup are standard equipment. 417 won the world championship by driver Gilles Groskamp at the Dutch Electric House World Championship this year. The Tamiya TRF41X series electric house has already won five world championship titles (2002, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012), and the combat effectiveness is outstanding! The Tamiya factory claims that the 41X series may be the strongest electric RV on the planet!

Special features unique to the TRF417WX:

Newly designed carbon fiber upper (2.0mm thick) and lower (2.25mm thick) decks feature refined shapes to provide optimum roll flexibility.Newly-designed one-piece aluminum servo mount is secured to the chassis by one side (inner side) only so as to not jeopardize chassis flexibility.Newly-designed aeration dampers help maximize traction.Front and rear carbon fiber damper stays (3.5mm thick) have redefined damper attachment positions .Front direct coupling is equipped with steel cup joints and coupled with Double-Cardan drive shafts to provide efficient, smooth power transfer.Rear gear differential features steel diff joints and swing shaft protectors.

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