Rc Rock Racer, Traxxas Slash 2Wd Mud Flaps, Rc Car Hobby Shop

In addition to the well-known Xpress, the brand now also introduces third-party brand upgrades. The newly launched gear differential for X Rc Car Hobby Shop ray T4 and T3 series electric motor homes can dir Traxxas Slash 2Wd Mud Flaps ectly replace the differential of the original car. More accurate plastic materials and aluminum shaft sleeves make the differential more accurate and durable. Part # XP-10022.
Serpent Snake launched three different front and rear anti-roll bars for the 977 Viper 1/8 oil-powered flat road car. The medium hardness is the original anti-roll bar hardness of the original car. Manufactured from high-quality spring steel with a logo on the shaft, this product is already on the market.
Click- \u0026 gt; Here enter the Serpent brand area to participate in the interaction
Hengguan launched 1/12 8 × 8 M977 military truck and M983 military trailer
8×8 models have a simulated frame structure and strong passing ability, and they are also very durable. The factory provided us with real vehicle test videos and enjoyed t Rc Rock Racer hem together.
SpeedMerchant launched a 1/18 remote control car (flat road) car shell named OR-18. The design of the car shell is similar to the popular 1/12 electric flat road car (12 Tsai), with the appearance of the 12 Tsai car body cut. OR-18 can give the car better straight-line grip and provide more downforce. It is very suitable for racing 1/18 remote control cars. SpeedMerchant drivers used OR-18 prototype shells in the 2011 and 2012 seasons to achieve great results.

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