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Magic Tracks With Remote

Traxxas launches Kyle Bu World’s Smallest Rc Car sch version of Slash Pro 2WD electric short-haul truck! The product is equipped with TQ 2.4G remote control equipment, 12T Rc Stuff 550 motor, XL-5 waterproof electronic transmission, waterproof receiver and steering gear protection, metal gear steering gear, and the exterior painting is Kyle Busch style!

Traxxas have announced the release of the Kyle Busch edition Slash Pro 2WD Short-Course truck. This Ready to race truck is supplied with a TQ 2.4Ghz radio system and Power cell 7-cell NiMh battery. The base is the same high quality truck from Traxxas with Titan 12-Turn 550 modified motor, XL-5 waterproof electronic speed control, water-sealed receiver box and steering servo, metal gear Magnum 272 transmission and Revo-spec torque-control slipper clutch but with the familiar racing colours of Kyle Busch. Source: Traxxas [traxxas.com]

Serpent launched new products. The first is the new revolutionary floating servo mount. This is a standard part of the new 411 ERYX car, but none of the previous 411 series RVs had this rudder mount. The maximum effect of this upgrade can greatly reduce the effect of the steering mechanism on the frame’s twisting performance, while further reducing the center of gravity. Suitable for all series 411 electric motor homes, including 411, LE, TE, Sport and RTR versions.
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Suitable for cars

Serpent S411 1 / 10th 190mm
Serpent S411 190mm Sport
Serpent S411 190mm Ready-to-race
Serpent 411 Limited Edition 2011
Serpent S411 190mm Team Edition
Serpent 411 Eryx 2.0 190mm

The second new product is a zipper Sweatshirt with windbreaker cap. Available from S to 3XL for players to choose from. Manufactured from high-quality fabric with Serpent logo printed on the front and back. Available in March.

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