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Serpent continues to expand its upgrades for its 1/8 SRX8 gasoline and electric series. This time, the front and Ferrari Remote Control Car rear anti-roll bars are 2.2 mm, Cheap Rc Drift Cars 2.4 mm, 2.6 mm, and 2.8 mm, all made of high-quality steel. Each anti-roll bar is laser marked with the correspondi Rc Subaru ng size for identification. The anti-roll bar will be sold separately.

Product number
600965 Antiroll bar front 2.2 mm
600966 Antiroll bar front 2.4 mm
600967 Antiroll bar front 2.6 mm
600968 Antiroll bar front 2.8 mm
600969 Antiroll bar rear 2.2 mm
600970 Antiroll bar rear 2.4 mm
600971 Antiroll bar rear 2.6 mm
600972 Antiroll bar rear 2.8 mm

Speed ​​Passion announced the launch of the Reventon (the name is also the name of a supercar Limburgine) brushless electronic transmission. The built-in WIFI module can wirelessly set the parameters of electronic shifting through Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod handheld devices. It will also support Android system in the future. However, if you want to use an Apple device to set the electronic transmission, you also need to match the original WIFI module or Bluetooth module. Players can also share the settings to the Speed ​​Passion website, and at the same time, download the settings of professional drivers and import them into their electronic transmission system.
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WIFI module
Reventon electronic transmission


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