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GT.POWER launched the T610 touch screen charger, which has the advantages of the classic B6, and also integrates the features of other high-quality products on the market.
Charging speed is fast, the charging speed is basically determined by the charging current. The larger the current, the faster the speed, and vice versa. At the same charging current, the charging speed depends on the charging control of the charger. For example: charge a battery with a capacity of 1000mAh Best Micro Rc Cars (1Ah), charge with 1A current, the theoretical speed is 1hr (1 hour), charge with 10A current, the theoretical speed is 1 / 10hr (tenth of an hour, that is, 6 minutes) The maximum charging current of the charger can reach 10A and the charging power is 200W. In order to better meet consumer needs, we have designed a new program to innovate trickle charging at the end of the charging and shorten the charging time to full.
High balance accuracy. Balance charging is to make the voltage of each battery in the lithium battery pack reach the balance after charging is completed. The newly designed balancing system will monitor the voltage of each battery and control the current fed back to each battery, so as to define the voltage so that the voltage of a single battery is within 10mv, so as to achieve true battery c Long Range Rc Car ell balance and extend Battery life. Doctors monitor

powerful, not only display of the battery charging log number – initial battery voltage, charge and discharge as of voltage, charge and discharge current, battery charge and discharge capacity, charge and discharge voltage change and a single total voltage curve It can also detect the internal resistance of each cell and evaluate the accuracy. The new trickle charging design can make the over-discharge battery return to strong power and prolong the battery life.
New LiHv battery function mode, LiHv single-cell battery voltage 3.7V, single-cell maximum charging voltage 4.35V, as a charger that keeps pace with the market, some batteries GT.POWER on the market can be designed for him The corresponding charging procedure, here is a special reminder: This LiHV mode only supports 4.35V lithium batteries. This mode is disabled for other types of batteries, and LiPo batteries with a cut-off voltage of 4.20 must never be charged in this mode, otherwise the battery will burn and burn. Or explosion.

machine quality is good, the saying goes, health is the capital of revolution, so good quality is king charged for 200w power parameters in the design of the place it has high requirements for heat dissipation, beginning with internal mos The quality control is followed by the size requirements of the built-in radiator. There is such a large radiator to absorb heat, and the internal temperature control system is set to make the fan rotate at full speed to take away the heat and extend the life of the charger.

appearance of new, innovative designs to break the shackles of traditional chargers, with their own unique design style, under the premise of full-featured, this set of compact, agile, high-end design is definitely in one of your Enjoyment, the special treatment of the curved surface brings you a smooth touch, the blue screen frame can not only protect your eyes, but also can reduce wrong operation with the touch of the touch screen.
Parameter characteristics:
Operating voltage range: DC 10-18V
Charging current range: 0-10A
Discharging current range: 0-5A
Charging power: 200W max < br> Discharge power: 25W max
Number Rc Tank Tracks of lithium batteries: 1-6 cells
Number of NiMH / Ni-Cd batteries: 1-18 cells
Voltage of lead-acid batteries: 2-20V (10P )

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