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In September last year, the American Pro-Line launched the Ambush mini climbing remote control car. Recently, Pro-Line introduced Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 1/24 shell for this small remote control car product, and it comes with an interior package. Manufactured by the original Jeep manufacturer, the two-door Wrangler Robin Hood model has a high degree of detail, and the interior includes the driver (but the driver’s head is not included in the product), the instrument panel and the seat are all complete. Unpainted version with stickers Rc Drive Shaft and spray mask. Part number 3477-00.
Length 181mm
Width 95mm
Height 67mm
Wheelbase 117mm
The first stop of the European electric off-road vehicle series in the Czech Republic last week was Team Durango’s new two-wheel drive electric short-haul truck DESC210. The factory used the race to conduct the final test of the car before mass production. The DESC210 is based on the DEX210 electric off-road vehicle. The frame design is basically the same, except that the frame of the DESC210 short card is longer than the off-road vehicle. In addition, DESC210 and DEX210 can be set with different motor installation positions, which are center and tail respectively. The center motor has proved to be very effective Late Model Rc Car on the carpet road. The new car is expected to be available in the next two months.

JDMODEL static point model released the brand’s first simulation pickup remote control car, JDM-F150 1/10 pickup, available in two versions without electronic equipment and RTR. The vehicle is 610mm long, 260mm wide (including rear-view mirror, 220mm body), 215mm high, and weighs 3.9 kg. The chassis adopts the front independent suspension rear hard bridge structure. The car shell is a hard shell to open the door. The axle has a remote differential lock function. The standard 1/16 planet Rc Tesla ary gearbox is equipped. The high-grade can be upgraded with a two-speed simulation gearbox. /17.4, 2nd gear 1 / 4.75. Follow-up lights, three bumpers, rear bumpers and two gantry frames will be launched, so stay tuned!

Upgrading the gearbox

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