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Team C Racing introduces a conversion kit for the Xray NT Hpi Rc Cars 1 fuel room (conversion kit for the Xray NT1), making the NT1 200mm oil room into a 220mm width, and then pairing it with a VDS (pan forklift shell) to transform the NT1 into Into a small version of the 1/8 level road car, the kit can already include the parts needed for conversion, such as head collision prevention, front and rear hydraulic brackets, etc. Friends who are interested in turning the NT1 into a small level road car should not miss this set Kit! Details in this article Team C Racing have released their conversion kit for the Xray N Vanquish 1.9 Wheels T1, to turn it into a 220mm chassis. Supplied with all the parts needed, it features a GTP style front bumper, aluminium mounts and carbon fibre body mount as well as a rear floating body mount and suitable rear carbon fibre shock tower. To complete the conversion you need new wider tires and of course the new wider body and again Team C have got your back with their new 220mm Lol Rc Touring Car a VDS body shell.Source: Team C [teamcracing.net] \u0026 amp; Redrc.netFID launches all-metal unidirectional bearing double speed for LOSI DBXL gasoline vehicles. FID brought a new gift to everyone in 2015-the all-metal one-way bearing two-speed version FOR LOSI DBXL, hereinafter referred to as DBXL two-speed, DBXL two-speed inherited the new 5T two-speed integration in 2014 based on new Design concept, new design thinking, integrated design module method, all-metal ultra-torque one-way bearing system, as well as all-metal steel gears, two-way bearing design, etc. If you have this system, you can definitely allow players to change the transmission the concept of! Never have to worry about off-road, flying through. 2015 FID DBXL dual speed is born for flying! FID DBXL two-speed gear: 1st gear set: 21T: 60T, 2nd gear set: 26T: 55T, it is recommended that the engine be selected to be 26CC or more.
The internal structure of the one-way bearing in 2015 is as follows
1: The whole page is in a semi-assembled state, and all parts can be clearly seen (one more one-way bearing is shown in the figure below, which is required for taking pictures) : Completed assembly and sales status
3 : Integrated innovative design, modular design, second gear paddles and one-way bearings are directly fitted on the drive shaft, easy to dismantle
4: clutch cup with small holes The heat dissipation design of the array method, while ensuring the strength, looks more beautiful overall
5: The first speed gear has a bearing combination of one-way bearings and the second speed gear
6: The second speed gear is added inside the decorative ring A bearing design, which is a new design, is equal to the second gear with two bearing combinations, which promotes a smoother speed change.
7: The all-metal one-way bearing is lasered in 2015, and the warranty will be based on the date. Lifetime!
8: One 870ml large-capacity fuel tank is included. The packing method is double-box carton packaging!

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