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The RUSTLER model of Traxxas has always been favored by players. This year’s new RUSTLER 4X4 VXL 67076-4 is even more so. GPM Racing has introduced some upgraded features and appearance accessories to RUSTLER to make it more distinctive!
First model: Aluminum alloy silver edge dragon claw brake disc
1. Simulation appearance, left and right cyclone with brake holes, shiny silver edge design, stronger visual effect
2. Original thickness 6mm, this This product is 8mm thick and 2mm thicker, which can widen the track and make the car run more stable.
3. The unique dragon claw design, tightly grasp the wheel hub, more stable, and make the car smoother.
The second section: stainless steel head + aluminum alloy barrel central transmission shaft
1. Stainless steel material joint + aluminum alloy barrel, more sturdy, more powerful transmission
2. Thicker joint design
Third Section: Aluminum alloy front and rear multi-position shock absorbers and car shell fixing seat
Fourth section: Aluminum alloy rear main tooth fixing seat
1. Aluminum alloy material, more robust
2. Precise bearing position, so that Main tooth rotation is more stable
3. Hollow design, three-dimensional appearance, better visual effect
Fifth model: Stainless steel thickened front and back teeth full car tie rod
1. Bold design stainless steel material tie rod With nylon rubber wave foot, more tough and strong
2. Positive and negative teeth design, you can easily adjust the length
Sixth: aluminum alloy lower arm integrated fixation
1.Aluminium alloy material, better fixation
2. Change the original rear arm code and fixed code split design into one design, more stable and more convenient ins Nitro Rc Parts tallation
Seventh: Aluminum alloy porous Adjustable angle after raising the head wheel
1.Aluminium alloy material, more sturdy and durable
2.The double wheel head is more stable, the porous position can be adjusted freely, the angle is larger
3. Use the original hole position without damage Installation is very convenient
4. The roller is made of POM material, high rigidity, good toughness, stronger and less prone to damage, with wheel pattern, and enhanced stability
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Yeah Racing introduces aluminum brake rims, 5 pairs of designs, suitable for all types of 1/10 RVs. The rotating wheels have a special visual dynamic effect, which is very suitable for drifting remote control cars and M cars. Small bearings are installed inside the rims to ensure smoother tire rotation. YR also provides different colors for players to choose, and it is also a product with tires. A set of four with a tire collector, it can be seen that the manufacturer’s details are well thought out. Description:
We are proud of re-engineering this stylish touring tire set with spinning rims. When a car is running with this product installed, the spinning rims will spin and create special visual effects like real racing cars. This product is very easy to be installed.
Each spinning rim comes with small bearing installed for smooth movement
FREE Tire Holder included
For: 1:10 Touring Cars
Color: Black
Tires (4 Pcs)
Spining Rims ( Traxxas Cars For Sale 4 Pcs)
Lock nuts (4 Pcs)
Tire Inserts (4 Pcs)
Alum. Patter Rc Tractor Tires ns (4 Pcs)
5x8x2mm Bearings (4 Pcs)
Bearing Mounts (4 Pcs)
Instruction Manual (1 Pc)
Details: < br>

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