Rc Traxxas Slash 4X4, Rc Truggy, Remote Control Car For 2 Year Old

GPM launched 1/6 LOSI SUPER BAJA REY and KM Thor’s ‘Challengeer’ universal front CVD universal joint. After a long period of testing, it was found that the front CVD of these two models may cause dog bone to jump out of the cup fork under severe vibration. At first, it was thought that the nylon rubber swing arm was soft and easily deformed, which caused problems. Later, it was replaced with GPM. The me Remote Control Car For 2 Year Old tal arm may still jump out. The GPM found that the original dog bone is slightly shorter. The position of the dog bone needle is just stuck at the edge of the cup fork. It will jump out with a little vibration. 45 # plus hard steel CVD, improve stability and more durable!
45 # hardened steel thickened CVD universal joint:
1. # 45 hardened steel material upgrade, more erosion resistance, wear resistance, vibration resistance
2.Bold design, will The original dog bone neck with a diameter of 5mm is upgraded to 5.5mm, and the diameter of the middle part is increased to 7mm. It is more powerful and strong when driving, and is not easy t Rc Truggy o bend and break. 3. The original CVD may jump out of the cup fork. The original dog bone length was increased from the original 108mm to 110mm to enhance the stability.
The following is a comparison of our upgraded CVD and the original. Welcome players to visit GPM at any time! !! Please visit

Pro-Line’s BullDog shells. I believe everyone has heard that this series of sh Rc Traxxas Slash 4X4 ells has better aerodynamic performance than the original shells. BullDog’s latest model is for Kyosho’s RB5 1/10 electric off-road vehicle. The design of the car shell allows the car to obtain more steering performance when decelerating, and the center of gravity of the car shell is further reduced. Pro-Line have released their BullDog body for use with the Kyosho RB5 1:10 buggy. Providing performance that has, at times, been deemed an unfair advantage, BullDog bodies now set the standard in performance. The advanced cab forward design generates unmatched off-power steering, while the low profile rear deck feeds the wing with clean air flow. Made from durable / genuine Lexan, the super-low styling giving your RB5 the lowest center of gravity (CG ) possible.
Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com] \u0026 amp; Redrc.net

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