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JQ Products ’THECar cross-country vehicle is available i 1 10 Scale Rc Body n Y Rc Cars ellow Edition. The new version of THECar is a new car developed on the basis of various tests last year, adding many new ideas and improving control. The new car is faster and easier to handle, including a narrow body with adjustable torsion, a new shell, more efficient shock absorbers, and a number of new upgrades are used on the yellow version of TheCar off-road vehicle. Vehicle: 1: 8 Nitro 4WD
Width: 307mm
Wheelbase: 324-328mm
Weight: 3240g *
Internal Gear Ratio: 3.3: 1
New Features
-Narrower, symmetrical and more flexible chassis. For more traction, and better when landi Rc Truck Tires ng jumps, or driving over bumps.
-Side guards to match the new chassis.
-Body shell to match the new chassis.
-Improved smoother shocks, with soft bladders and CNC shock caps. These improve every aspect of the handling. THECar is easier to drive.
-Shock springs, Soft, Medium and Hard. THECar includes Med and Hard as standard.
-3 shoe clutch shoes, for increased performance. Now it actually works 🙂
-Larger capacity fueltank with O-ring cap seal for improved sealing.
-Smooth Gearing, (43 / 13) and (45/13) included as standard.
-Extra set of stiffer swaybars included, 2.4 and 2.5.

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