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G.T.POW Traxxas Slash Chassis Petitrc ER (Guangtai model) launched two new cha Rc Trucks rger products. The first model is DUO 607 CHARGER, two independent charging output circuits. Microprocessor control is used to independently monitor the battery voltage and detect peaks with high sensitivity. With temperature control detection, charging current is 0.1-7A, and discharging is 0.1-1A. Support NiCd / NiMH / battery support: 1-15 cells, lithium battery support 1-6S, Pb battery 2 to 20V. Weight: 560g Size: 196 * 99 * 55mm The second new product is the C607D charger with built-in optimized charging program, with ‘Fast’ and ‘Storage’ lithium battery charging mode, charging current 0.1-7A, Discharge 0.1-1A. Support NiCd / NiMH / battery support: 1-15 cells, lithium battery support 1-6S, Pb battery 2 to 20V. Weight: 400g Size: 136 * 127 * 56mmAt the end of last month, Tamiya Model announced that the classic straight-axle electric RV series TB Evo will be launched, and the TB Evo.7 will be available soon. With the dissolution of the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team, Tamiya TRF’s racing-grade belt-driven electric RVs will not launch new products for the time being, and the TB Evo 7 is believed to be the 1/10 4WD electric motor homes with the highest combat effectiveness in the future. The latest update of the TB car series was a year ago. At this time last year, the TB Evo.6 MS 1/10 straight-axle electric RV was launched. Evo.6 photo:
Tamiya announced details of the TB Evo.7: 1/10 4WD straight-shaft electric motorhome, length 371mm, width: 185mm, wheelbase: 258mm, 2mm thickness aluminum base plate and 6mm thickness The center keel and the cancellation of the second floor design can reduce the center of gravity of the frame. The motor installation position is moved forward and placed vertically. Players / drivers can set three different positions for the front, middle, and back of the motor position, and match different weight distributions to suit different venue needs. Equipped with TRF large-capacity shock absorbers, and the steering system is connected to the gearbox, which reduces the impact of the frame torsion on steering. When the transmission system is replaced with a WO integrated drive shaft, the transmission efficiency of the TB 7 will be higher. TRF418’s suspension rocker arm and TRF419’s rear suspension assembly are also used in the new car. In the era of the popularity of belt cars, I believe that the new generation of TB Evo.7 axle cars will bring different control experience to everyone.

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