Rc Wheelie Bar, Rc Car Simulator, 1 10 Scale Rc Hard Bodies

Reedy 7.4V 20C LiPo battery packs. Unique design can prevent the battery from being damaged by external force. The housing has pits for the electri 1 10 Scale Rc Hard Bodies c room, which can further reduce the position of the center of gravity of the battery, just like using a sub-c battery. It feels the same.
Length: 139mm
Width: 46mm
Height: 23.1m Rc Car Simulator m excluding nubs /25.1mm including nubs
Weight: 3200mAh / TBD, 5000mAh / TBD
Passes UN T1-T8 testing
# 703 Reedy LiPo 5000mAh Pro 12AWG
# 704 Reedy LiPo 5000mAh w / plug
# 705 Reedy LiPo 3200mAh w / plug
Hot Bodies’ TCX electric RV has already been started by players in China and has begun to walk. TCX is known as the new generation of electric RVs. The narrow bottom plate and long rocker arm increase the twist of the frame and improve the handling performance. The distribution of the center of gravity is also more reasonable, basically reaching 50/50 before and after, and the ceramic bead differential makes the transmission part smoother. As for the performance of TCX? Please wait and see! Details in this article Welcome to the next level in touring car pe Rc Wheelie Bar rformance. The all new HB-TCX kit drops the hammer on the competition with an earth shattering list of features the competition ca n’t compete with!

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