Rc10 Body, Camaro Rc Car, Barbie Remote Control Car

The brushed motor can be ch Barbie Remote Control Car anged to adjust the rotor characte Camaro Rc Car ristics. Now brushless can also play like this. Novak retired this 13mm diameter sintered modified rotor. It provides a new driving experience and greatly expands the adjustable range of motor performance.

By using a larger diameter and stronger magnetic force, this rotor can withstand higher temperatures, improve durability, and enhance the effect of air throttle braking. Allows the car to match a wider range of gear ratios. This rotor is suitable for all NOVAK series 540 brushless motors.

-Optional tuning rotor for Novak Velociti-series and SS Pro-series brushless motors or a Rc10 Body ny Novak 540-size brushless motor with an oversized end bell bearing ( # 5919 / # 5920)
-Ideal for touring car, oval and 1 / 12-scale applications, and other high-traction surface applications
-Improves the motor’s initial throttle response and natural drag brake
-Exotic -material, Sintered Neodymium rotor provides the maximum temperature-handling capability and provides the maximum magnetic strength available
-Nickel-plated for a stronger surface and resistance to corrosion
-Reduces the operating temperature of the speed control
-Identifiable groove on the shaft bevel to differentiate it from other Novak rotors
-Meets all ROAR and IFMAR specifications

Diameter: 13mm
Weight : 31.0 g (1.09 oz)
Magnet: Nickel-plated, high-strength Sintered Neodymimum
Maximum Operating Temperature: 200 degrees C
Shaft Diame ter: 0.125 ”(3.2 mm) [accepts all existing pinion gears]

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