Rc4Wd Tires, Tamiya Monster Beetle, Team Associated Sc10 4X4

Serpent ’s fir Team Associated Sc10 4X4 st Tamiya Monster Beetle front-wheel-drive electric remote-controlled RV Rc4Wd Tires 411-FF debuted at the Nuremberg exhibition in Germany. Recently, the Serpent factory announced the details of the new car. 411-FF is developed based on the same 411 four-wheel drive electric RV from the same factory. The front motor is installed to the lowest possible frame position. The unique transmission system provides a special control feeling, which is very different from the control of the four-wheel drive electric room, but the control response is very smooth, simple and fun. 411-FF retail has already won competitions in Indonesia and Hong Kong before listing. The first competition is the upcoming Thailand TITC. Please look forward to the performance of 411-FF. The retail version of the 411-FF will be on sale in March 2012 at a price similar to the 411 four-wheel drive electric room. Main specs / features:
-Front wheel drive
-Machined aluminum front motor holder
-Front gear-diff ratio 52 to 20 = 2.6
-Spring steel front CVD
– Spring steel wheel axles
-Aluminium front and rear brackets
-Medium type suspension parts
-Pivot ball linked wire anti-roll bars front and rear
-Top quality bearings and hardware
-RCM shocks
-Carbon fibre shock towers, 2mm top-deck, 2.25mm chassis plate
-Secure brackets to hold the LiPo battery-pack
-Flexible body mounts
-Captured front foam bumper.


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