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Arrowmax’s Red Series silicon-graphene lithium battery (Si-Graphene) introduces two new products. Traxxas Jato The f Redcat Rc Cars irst is a 6200mAh 2S / 7.4V thin silicon graphene lithium battery dedicated for 1/10 electric RVs, with low internal resistance, 65C continuous discharge, and 130C instantaneous discharge; ultr Real Remote Control Car a-low center of gravity, with a size of only 139MM x 47MM x 22.5MM. Product number AM-700707.
The second new product is still the Red Series Si-Graphene lithium battery (4000-mAh), which uses an ultra-thin 1S case, which is actually a 2S lithium battery. It is designed for 1/12 electric flat cars. It weighs only 160 grams, providing a longer walking time with advantages. At the same time, it is suitable for indoor off-road models and has the advantage of light weight; the size is 93MM x 47MM x 18.5MM. Continuous discharge at 60C and instantaneous discharge at 120C. Product number AM-700304.

Xray introduces the new NT1 2015 1/10 race-grade oil-powered motorhome (NT1 ’15). The redesigned frame trunk includes front and rear aluminum gearboxes and new floor plates. Supports harder, larger-diameter sponge tires to better adapt to the latest race regulations. The new aluminum base plate and gearbox improve the torsional characteristics of the frame, provide better grip and steering response. Narrow body The bottom plate design, coupled with the beveled edge process, can increase the airflow into the engine and reduce the engine operating temperature. The newly designed two-speed seat and 7075-T6 aluminum bottom bracket are lightweight and easier to maintain. NT1 ’15 provides more The choice of rolling center settings makes it easier to find suitable settings on high-grip tracks. The suspension section has also been upgraded, including the use of new suspension fixtures. In addition, Xray has carried out a lot of details optimization, anti-roll bar, brake components, lithium battery installation position, shock absorber, clutch, etc. are all different from the old frame. In general, NT1 ’15 pays more attention to the twisting and bending speed of the frame, starting from the details to improve the frame performance.

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