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The fifth place of the European Touring Car Series (ETS) was held in the Netherlands. Jilles Groskamp (NL)- Bmw Rc Car Tamiya / Orion won the preliminary TQ. The final was won by Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya / Speed ​​Passion, and Jilles Groskamp only finished third. The next race will be held in Germany, July 8-10.
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Team Losi Racing has launched a new high-performance SCT shell, which is suitable for Losi XXX-SCT and Ten-SCTE short cards. T Rc Parts Near Me he design of the car shell allows air to pass quickly through the hood, fenders and rear of the car, while allowing the car shell to overcome the ‘parachute’ problem during the jump. It is expected to be listed in late April and early May.
In the May 2013 issue, ‘Model World • Remote Control Technology’ was launched. The contents of this issue of the magazine are wonderful, including the latest models of aircraft and car models, and of course our RCFans column. Friends who have ordered this Redcat Everest Gen 7 Upgrades magazine, the magazine has arranged to issue the magazine.
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Kingshang’s ‘MFR’ 1 to 10 oil-powered truck will be released in September. The car uses a new three-layer structure frame, which enhances the sturdiness and is also the largest 1 to 10 large foot. The center of gravity is very low in the same class, the suspension stroke is also large, the tires are also very wide, and the four wheels are almost square. The vehicle weighs only 7.2 pounds, uses an electric start engine, is equipped with a two-speed, third-channel-driven reverse switch and a new ORC transmission system.

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