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DJI’s RoboMaster (hereaf Monster Truck Rc Car ter referred to as RM) released the latest development board kit, which includes RoboMaster development board type A, development board type B, de Scx10 Ii Bumper velopment board OLED, and matching development board wire package, providing a strong core for robot development .
Because all the professional robot competitions use single-chip computers, they can calculate and judge, and finally realize the operation of the mechanism. However, to complete complex functions, developers need to use a variety of interfaces of the single-chip microcomputer to design and weld the originals themselves, which is very time-consuming. The development board of the RM is highly integrated and can solve the pain points. The sale area includes mainland China, the United States and Japan. After the polishing and iteration of RoboMaster events, DJI has made comprehensive improvements to the RoboMaster development board kit to enhance protection. Newly added accessories such as development board type B, OLED and wire package. Create a unique RoboMaster robot ecosystem in the diverse development process to meet the needs of users in education, learning and research and development of DEMO production.
RoboMaster development board type A
Rich functions: RoboMaster development board type A has a variety of interfaces, including 12V \\ 5V \\ 3.3V power interface, CAN interface, UART interface, variable voltage PWM interface, SWD interface, etc. , Very suitable for users to DIY. At the same time, it provides a wealth of on-board resources, such as LED lights, IMU + E-Compass, and user buttons, to facilitate user development and learning.
Powerful protection: RoboMaster development board type A has multiple protections such as anti-reverse connection of power input, overvoltage protection, slow start, 12V power output overcurrent protection, and ESD of the PWM port. Meet user DIY needs. Ecosystem: RoboMaster development board type A can use 4-6S lithium battery. Can connect to servo, remote control receiver, referee system (main control module), single-axis gyroscope module, electronic governor, magic calculation, PLC (programmable logic controller), Bluetooth interface, PC, development board type B , Development board OLED and external Arduino accessories and other devices.
Rich routines: RoboMaster has opened up a special space for users on Github open source platform, and provides rich routines.
A wide range of applications: After years of competitions and the development and use of young engineers at hundreds of universities, the RoboMaster development board kit has forged powerful functions and stability. For the development of the Demo, a lot of research and development cycles and costs are saved, and the stability of the Demo is improved. It can be widely used in education and learning, small mobile robots, LED light effect control and robotic arm control.
RoboMaster Development Board Type B: Redcat Monster Truck RoboMaster Development Board Type B is designed for sensors and actuators. It can be used with RoboMaster Development Board Type A to complete the development of complex robots. The development board type B is STM32F105R8T6, which supports the control of solenoid valves. It has four optocoupler isolation protection interfaces, which can be used with RoboMaster OLED module. Small size, compact structure, rich interface, with dual CAN and optocoupler isolated industrial sensor interface. RoboMaster Development Board OLED: RoboMaster Development Board OLED is designed for RoboMaster Development Board Type A and RoboMaster Development Board Type B. The OLED has a 0.96-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 128 × 64 and a five-dimensional button. The OLED uses SPI communication, and its driver chip is SH1106G. Information such as parameters can be displayed on the screen to facilitate user parameter configuration. Development board wire package

Starting sale on April 16, 2018. Pricing for RoboMaster development board Type A ¥ 42, RoboMaster development board Type B ¥ 219, RoboMaster development board OLED ¥ 89, RoboMaster development board wire package ¥ 249.

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