Redcat Racing Lightning Epx Electric Drift Car, Best Rc Rock Crawler 2018, Vaterra Ascender Upgrades

GPM Racing launches Axial Yeti XL explosion-modified aluminum gearbox. Yeti Big Snowman this product, a large proportion, violent gameplay, many original parts can not afford more violent gameplay.
In particular, the rear wave box may be deformed or even damaged due to the impact of the ground. The all-metal rear gearbox introduced by GPM reduces the original gap and makes the internal gears and axles run more smoothly. At the same time, the aluminum alloy material has better thermal conductivity. Comes with aluminum alloy keel fixing code for better stability after upper keel. Full 3D three-dimensional tool path CNC machining, exquisite appearance. Powerful impact resistance and wear resistance, so that the snowman can boldly let go of the violent flying!
Losi, a brand under American Horizon Models, will launch an entry-level 1/8 Vaterra Ascender Upgrades brushless electric off-road vehicle (Buggy) 8ight-E RTR. Based on 8ight-E, using 4mm thickness 6061 aluminum base plate, front, middle and rear metal gears with three differential speed and strong four-wheel drive system. Powered by 4S Best Rc Rock Crawler 2018 lithium battery compatible 130A Dynamite Fuze ™ electronic transmission and 2500kv brushless motor. DX2E and SR310 three-channel receiver combination. Waterproof 9KG steering gear and painted car shell are included in the product. It is common with some TLR upgrades. Although it is an RTR produ Redcat Racing Lightning Epx Electric Drift Car ct, the standard configuration of the power can make the vehicle speed exceed 80km / h. Available in late May. Part number LOS04014.
The AREA RC new generation helical gear system is suitable for BAJA 5B 5T 5SC. The new generation of helical gear shifting system has better smoothness when shifting from the first gear to the second gear, and the top speed is further improved, which has better stability than the traditional straight gear structure. The first gear ratio is 16/55, and the second gear ratio is 20/51. The clutch cup is made of vortex grooves to steal light while this design has better heat dissipation effect. The gear and clutch cup are made of 45 steel + H, and the block and gear holder are made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

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