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Prev Traxxas Slash Roll Cage iously, The Best Remote Control Cars Laoou tried to install Serpent’s SDX4 four-wheel drive battery. I feel b Reddit Rc Cars etter about this newly launched 1 to 10 four-wheel drive battery. The advantages and disadvantages are in the car stickers. Those who like to play four-wheel drive battery can move around Look.
[xohobby20170620] Serpent SDX4 1/10 four-wheel drive electric drive in old Europe
Area Rc introduces a chassis protection plate for LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline vehicles. The product is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 CNC. The main function is to protect the car from long-distance off-road and flying slopes. The thickness of 4MM greatly ensures the service life while also taking into account the lightweight design! Colors available: silver, blue, red. Product equipment: countersunk head M6 * 20MM * 2PCS, countersunk head M6 * 25MM * 2PCS.
PROTOform’s 1: 8 flat road car shell has a better aerodynamic design and lower center of gravity to get more downforce during driving! PROTOform Shadow has been approved by Ifmar and meets all Ifmar regulations!
Source: (RedRC \u0026 amp; Proline)The Traxxas Bandit rear-drive electric off-road vehicle was replaced with two new coatings (product number 24054-4). The blue and red Bandit was equipped with waterproof electronic equipment for outdoor crossing and the top speed was close to 60km / h.

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