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CROSSRC launched a 1.9-inch high-performance simulation off-road climbing tire. With a diameter of 108mm an Top 10 Rc Cars d a tread width of 35mm, it is suitable for 1.9-inch non-stick tires (pinch tyres) and plastic sticky tire wheels on the market.
This high-performance simulation off-road climbing tire is made of new formula rubber, which is moderately soft and hard to be easily deformed. With the newly designed deep gravel pattern, the appearance is more three-dimensional and domineering while ensuring grip. It is especially suitable for t Amp Rc Car he simulation of military cards and the modification of climbing vehicles. It is suitable for all terrains and greatly improves the passing capacity.

At present, this high-performance simulation off-road climbing tire comes standard with the new CROSS HC6 military card. Part number 9745009.

The Italian GRP hot melt tires introduced by X-Rider for 1/5 Scorpio motorcycles have won unanimous Remote Cars For Toddlers praise from 5 car friends. Durable bite characteristics have been experienced by many motorcycle riders in the Xiamen Grand Prix in November. GRP 1/8 motorcycle full hot melt tires have also been introduced and sold in China. X-Rider has developed all-metal front and rear hub couplers for 1/8 motorcycle series Saturn, Mars, Mercury and other models. Players can purchase GRP1 / 8 motorcycle tire accessories to replace the original vehicle’s mechanical gyroscope rear wheel assistance, experience super grip, and improve frame bending response.
Team Associated (AE) SC10 GT RTR 1/10 2WD engine short-range racing truck complete version, SC10 GT 2WD short-range racing engine truck, brings you unprecedented pleasure with realistic sound, manic smoke, and extreme power !! Developed based on the original mature GT2 frame, equipped with Team Associated.18X hand-drawn engine and exhaust system. The powerful engine power is transmitted to the wheels through an adjustable V2 limiter with a gear ratio of 4.09: 1. The original car is already equipped with a lightweight driveshaft cup and high-grip Jconcepts racing tires. As it is an RTR product, the 2.4GHz device in the remote control has become the standard for most RTR remote control cars, and this SC10GT is no exception.
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