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TENSHOCK released four ultra-cheap car battery models: 6500mah 50C (standard), 6000mah 40C (standard), 4000mah 40C (short) and 4500mah 45C (short). These four batteries all use A + grade cells, carefully selected by the manufacturer, balanced and assembled, and have excellent battery performance. They Best Remote Control Toys are the first Rc Crawler 1 10 choice for entertainment competitions! The battery is specially equipped with anti-short-circuit silicone plug, small design and great use, which can effectively protect you and your battery.
In the June 2013 issue, ‘Model World • Remote Control Technology’ was launched. The contents of this issue of the magazine are exciting, including the latest aeromodelling and car modelling articles. Of course, our RCFans column article is indispensable. Friends who have ordered this magazine, the magazine has arranged to issue the magazine.
Welcome to order, please call 010-65515202 and inform you from RCFans!
Cross PG4 American pickup back cover kit, the product perfectly matches the PG4 trunk, with exquisite details and fine workmanship, with the PG4’s rough body, bringing the spirit of American pickup culture. The top of the back cover is equipped with a luggage rack, with independent ventilation and ventilating windows on both sides and rear, all sides are equipped with brown transparent windows, and the rear is equipped with a double spring strut movable rear window, which can open, close and lock the rear window. And other simulation functions. Above the rear window is a high-level brake lamp holder, which Remote Control 4X4 is connected to the brake light after being installed with LED small lights, so that the high-level brake light can achieve the lighting effect.
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This 4WD axle-driven truck uses an array frame like a real car and has a 3-speed gearbox. Like other works in the HIGH-LIFT series, the car shell is very realistic. MFC-02 components can control sound, light and body vibration. What’s more fun is that its electronic clutch can complete complete disengagement, half-clutch and other actions. You can step on the half-clutch to soften the car, or you can first increase the engine speed and release the clutch so that the car pops out.

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