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In the middle of last month, we reported that Tamiya model Tamiya plans to launch the Lunch Box Mini SW-01 mini lunch box remote control car in Ju Remote Car For Kids ly 2019. The size is only the size of an adult’s palm, 4WD drive, may use AA batteries directly, can upgrade 4WS four-wheel steering, can walk both indoors and outdoors, ideal entry-level RC products. Dimensions: length 190mm, width 146mm, width 140mm. Part number 57409. Today Tamiya announced the first product photo of the new product, which Hpi Savage X 4.6 Parts follows the tire design of 1/10 models, and is expected to debut at this month’s Shizuoka Model Expo. To buy Tamiya products, please go to
Team Associated (AE) launched a new generation of 1/12 electric flat cars (12 twelve), model RC12R6 Factory Team Kit (factory version), the previous generation code 5.2 version of RC12 has been launched in August 2012. The new RC12R6 is designed for today’s high-speed, high-gravity tracks, with an ultra-low center of gravity, and the frame’s strength is further enhanced. The front suspension is replaced by a carbon fiber lower rocker arm, whi Remote Control Car For 1 Year Old ch is more accurate and durable. The bottom plate is made of 2.0mm thick 7075-T6 reinforced aluminum. The front bumper fixing plate is replaced with new components to increase the ground clearance of the frame. The center-mounted FOX shock absorber with Kashima super-smooth coating, floating rudder mount, three different battery placement positions, upgraded tail shaft, etc. are included in the product. Part number 4021.

Kawahara’s ZAC TUNE brand launches a modified engine based on Novarossi. Including NOVAROSSI NS12-TS1 ZAC-T, NOVAROSSI N12LLT3, and limited edition RB modified NOVAROSSI N528XR.




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