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Uncle Ken Block Brick posted photos on his Facebook page, but not a new dri Traxxas Dragster ft car, but a 1/10 Ford Mustang Hoonic Traxxas Stampede Shocks orn RTR electric remote control car. The highly simulated car shell and details are believed to be the biggest selling point. More information is announced recently.
In addition, the Ford Fiesta version of HPI ’s Micro RS4 mini remote control car has also recently appeared on HPI’s promotional channels. In cooperation with Ken Block and Hoonigan, the KB live event in the United States for the public to experience. It seems that after the acquisition of HPI, products, publicity and other operations gradually returned to normal.
Arrowmax launches a new gear series, which is made of s Remote Control Car Parts pecial synthetic materials and has a hollowed-out design with sufficient strength and extremely light weight. After installing AM, the car becomes very quiet, providing the number of teeth suitable for most current 1/10 electric RVs and rear-drive electric road cars, including 86T to 110T (64P) and 68T to 88T (48P).
SUPER DIFF GEAR 64P 86T, 90T, 94T, 98T, 102T, 106T, 110T
SUPER DIFF GEAR 48P 68T, 68T, 72T, 74T, 76T, 80T, 84T, 88T
Enter the Arrowmax brand zone to participate Interactive- \u0026 gt; Click here to enter
As the end of the second season of ‘I Say My Car’, we plan to chat with the representative brand in the RC world: Axial. In addition, we also specially invited the members of Qinhuangdao to share with you.
Axial series frame is the first choice for many model friends to enter the mold, and also has made a lot of popular models. From the RR10 and Wraith we have been talking about, to the SCX10 models that have been updated in recent years. Coupled with long-term market accumulation, as well as the huge holdings and diverse options of spare parts. Then, as the SCX10 beam car is mostly used for the simulation processing of the hard shell design, so the hard shell processing is also a point of Zhen Jianmo’s ability. Today we will share with you the deep modification of the SCX10 second-generation frame and the hard-shell old method.

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