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After more than six months of R \u0026 D and testing, the latest version of XERUN 120A V3.1, the flagship product of Hobbywing ESC, is now officially released.
The version of the p Cheetah Rc Car rog Xmaxx Rc Car For Sale ram is ‘V3.2_140627_Beta’. The new program shows better power output in the middle and low speed areas while reducing the heat of the motor. In addition, the new program overcomes the industry’s difficult problem of brake control under high power and brings the most powerful but linear braking to the operator. Control feel.
This version of the program has been tested by drivers of the world championship-level Hooying Factory, such as Atsushi Hara, Andy Moore, and has been affirmed. The team plans that all Hooying drivers will use this version of the program at the Florida World Electric Touring Car Championship in October this year.
The following is the download link for the new program:Arrma launched the Raider XL BLX 1/8 2WD RTR electric desert buggy, a non-race prod Remote Control Car Price uct. The new car is an upgrade, not a replacement. TVP side panel frame design, the transmission system is more sturdy and durable, and the shock absorber is also equipped with a large-capacity model as standard. The electronic equipment is equipped with BLX85 brushless system (60A), BLX 3800kv brushless motor, compatible with 3S lithium battery, the speed can reach 80km / h, if the upgrade gear is replaced, the maximum speed can reach 90km / h. The remote controller is the Tactic TTX300 model, and the pre-painted car shell and dBoots multi-terrain tires are also included in the product.

Kyosho has launched an upgraded Ultima SC-R SP short-haul truck. The new car uses a large number of high-performance parts from the factory team, large-capacity suspension, new limited slip, and newly designed steering gear protectors, etc., which meet the ROAR competition regulations. The Ultima SC-R SP equipped with electronic equipment and batteries weighs only 2000g. It is expected to be available in December.


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