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Continually encountered the problems of some model friends, for longer travel suspension, the car shell was raised, and the suspension adjustment could not reach the ideal state. Here is some analysis and sharing on the overall adjustment of the suspension. I hope to help more model friends.
Opening picture
How much is the height of the waist? The box is closer to 15cm
Let ’s look at the original state without adjustment
Compared to see the difference
You can see that in the original state, the beam tilt angle is larger (body), which affects the instability of the center of gravity on the beam (easier to roll over) ), And pay attention to the original state, the rear wheels are off the ground, so the suspension and twisting of the waist is not simply the pursuit of the height of the lifting wheel, but the maximum height of the lifting wheel is, the overall stability of the vehicle body. Go away
Some people may say that the R1 shock absorber is 107mm long, which is a larger part than the original 95mm, and the car shell will rise. Is this really the case?
Let’s take a look at the original state first.
It is true that the car shell is a lot taller. Everybody notices that the Led Lights For Rc Cars re is a default standard for the height of the car shell. The front face fits the front bumper and the rear bumper fits the rear bumper. Beyond this standard, the car shell is raised again, which is the impact of shock absorption.
Let ’s take a look at the height after training.
Is it quite coordinated?
Let ’s Rc Trophy Truck Kit compare it again, notice that during the R1 suspension Remote Control Car Shop Near Me itself, no changes have been made.
Okay, after reading the relevant comparison, let ’s start the actual tuning.
———— ——————- Hands-on tuning boundary ————————— –
Confirm the original suspension assembly status
Select the adjustment parts first, and the suspension elevation adjustment parts (high twisted tooth position adjustment)
Test that the original bracket and the third-party related hole position match are normal Installation
Initial installation situation
I found a problem here. If a round head or cup head screw is used, the gap between the suspension and the heightening part is very small. If the waist is twisted, the suspension can be tilted longitudinally and it is easy to touch. When it comes to the shock absorber, the situation is even worse if the shock is thicker.
Using the usual method, lengthening the gasket, the problem comes again, and the shock longitudinally becomes a negative inclination. The stability is not good.
So start, polish the adjusting parts.
Install again. The reserved clearance is better.
However, the adjustment of the suspension pad position at the upper end of the suspension is always limited because of the longitudinal tilt angle. Yes, so Start with the lower fulcrum of the suspension
But you can see here that the original lower suspension bracket seems to have no adjustment space at all
So the third-party porous lower suspension bracket is applied, and this limit point is broken out
> Obtained a better vertical tilt angle
Then we go back to our original twisting problem
Let ’s take a look at this position
You can see that the adjusted top dead center of the suspension compression is greatly Improve, according to the original state, when the waist is twisted, the bridge tilts, and the suspension quickly reaches the end point. Continue to go up, that is, the beam is directly pushed, so this stability can easily affect the rollover.
After tuning, the compression stops The point is raised to the beam close to the horizontal line, which can ensure the stability of the beam in a large space.
Let’s take a look at the real car again. The same tuning performance principle
Okay, the main problem is solved, let’s look at the horizontal direction of the adjusting part Inclination effect
A reasonable lateral inclination angle can make the shock absorber get better feedback sensitivity when approaching obstacles.
I hope that some technical analysis in this article can help everyone. RC learning to share and discuss knowledge is the happiest.

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