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Tamiya USA launched a new high-performance version of TRF801XT. The new v Traxxas Ken Block ersion of the frame includes a large number of upgraded parts, including shorter head and tail suspension arms, durability has also Rpm Rc Car Parts been improved, the frame is more flexible, and shorter rockers are used. After that, the body width was reduced from 428mm to 422mm, and the overall frame response was sharper! In addition to the suspension, upgraded parts for transmission and suspension have been added to the frame, and these parts will also be sold separately. Details are in this article. Source: Tamiya USA []Yokomo’s BD7-2014 electric touring car aluminum floor will be available at the end of July. The aluminum floor of th Remote Control Jeep e electrical room was first introduced by Awesomatix. Later, the aluminum floor of the electrical room became more and more popular and successively introduced by major manufacturers. On some tracks and pavements, the aluminum base plate increases grip and handling.
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Rally Legends from Italy launches new product Fiat Abarth Assetto Corse. Transparent lexan shell, suitable for 1/10 190mm width motorhomes and drift cars. The real car is authorized by the manufacturer. It comes with exquisite shell stickers and rear wing, rearview mirror and wiper.

Xray has introduced a 16-degree rear-inclined C seat for the XB808 one-to-eight off-road vehicle made of 7075 T6 aluminum made in Switzerland. Its super-hard structure eliminates the need to use bolts like the general C-seat, making the steering structure more reasonable. The 16-degree kickback angle cannot be adjusted. With a 10-degree kick-up rocker seat, the total kickback angle reaches 26 degrees, which can greatly increase the steering response, and is very accurate and smooth.

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