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1 / 12th circuit racers have never had it so good! With this 1 / 12th scale body from Hot Bodies, it will be easy to put the designs of World Champion and multiple Worlds A Finalist Andy Moore directly on your car!
Featuring cutting designs and concepts taken directly from the world of full-scale Le Mans Prototype (LMP) racing, this bodyshell will set your racing circuit on fire! With front canard winglets to its super low-slung design and massive rear wing, you can be sure that this will be the bodyshell that will put you on the podium this racing season!
Moulded from tough, clear polycarbonate plastic, the bodyshell features a convenient clear overspray masking layer and a complete set of Hot Bodies decals Wall Climbing Car Walmart .
# 66831 Hot Bodies 1 / 12th Racing Bodyshell
Announcement about the replacement of 77076-4 1/5 8S set # 7795
Dear friends o F1 Rc Car f TRAXXAS X-MAXX! First of all, thank you for your long-term support for TRAXXAS! Now I have received the notification from TRAXXAS in the United States. In order to give back to the model friends and enjoy the 1/5 X-MAXX speed feeling, the description of this package is as follows:
1. The model friends are required to return the old ESC of the 76076-4 original vehicle The distributor is responsible for contacting the customer to take back the package, and then this 7795 package can be purchased at a retail discount price of 2280 yuan.
2. If the old ESC cannot be recycled, the customer needs to purchase this 7995 package at a total price of 2280 yuan (7795 package price) + 1220 yuan (recycled ESC discount price) = 3500 yuan. Rpm Axle Carriers
3. Replacement of all freight is entirely borne by the customer.
4. Model friends can also contact us directly to buy and replace, contact information of the general agent of the radio model, contact person: Miss Wang, mobile phone: 13712111381 QQ: 270570161. This set will arrive in Chinese stocks in early January 2017. All major model friends are welcome to order support!

TRAXXAS China wave model agent

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