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To celebrate Marc Fisher’s winning the 2011 German National Race, Serpent (Serpent) launched 300 limited edition S411 electric m Used Traxxas Rc Cars For Sale otorhomes. A 2.25mm thickness base plate (printed with a limited edition number and a Serpent logo), orange electroplated aluminum parts, carbon fiber battery fixing components, and a set of 8 tools are used on this S411.
Parts reference guide:

The dark orange and other special parts will also be available as spare / optionals seperate.
LE extension will be Serpent dark orange color.
The tools are NOT available seperate. < br> Part-numberDescription
401471Steeringrack alu 1 LE
401472Steering lever LE (2)
401473Antirollbar mount Used Rc Cars For Sale On Ebay alu LE
401474Bracket middleshaft alu LE
401475Bearingmount middleshaft alu LE
401476Wheelhexagon 1mm offset LE ( 2)
401042Bushing alu 3x5x1 LE (10)
401043Bushing alu 3x5x2 LE (10)
401479Bushing alu 3x5x4 LE (10)
401480Shocktower mount alu L + R LE
401482Suspension bracket alu 0 LE
401483Suspension bracket alu 1 LE
401484Suspension bracket alu 1.5 LE
401485Suspension bracket alu 2 LE
401486Suspension bracket alu 2.5 LE
401487Suspension bracket alu 3 LE
401488Suspension bracket alu 3.5 LE
401489Servomount L + R LE
401491Motormount bracket alu LE
4014 Scx10 2 Axles 92Motormount alu LE
401493Bearingblock alu LE

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