Scx10 Ii Portal Axles, Rc Portal Axles, Mini Z Awd

XQ-POWER lau Mini Z Awd nc Rc Portal Axles hed the XQ-S4330D standard digital servo, which is a high-end digital servo specially designed Scx10 Ii Portal Axles for remote control cars, standard size, all-metal CNC housing, waterproof design and titanium alloy gear. Standard voltage 4.8-7.2V voltage, 30KG super torque. XQ-S4330D can provide two different appearances for players to choose.
Specific parameters
Name: 6V30kg-cm Digital Servo;
Size: A: 40.2mm B: 20.1mm C: 38.8mm D: 48.0mm E: 10mm;
Weight: 65g ± 0.2 ( 2.29oz);
Gear type: Titanium Gear;
Speed: 0.18sec / 60o at (6.0V)
0.20sec / 60o at (4.8V)
Torque: (416.6 oz-in) (6.0V)
(374.9 oz-in) (4.8V)

Pro-Line launches new short card remote control car related products. The first is a new pre-painted car shell. Pro-Line’s existing Flo-Tek and Flo-Tek Ford F150 car shells are used for the original painting, which is suitable for most mainstream 2WD and 4WD short cards. Pre-cut, spray-painted and stickers are completed before leaving the factory.
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Flo-Tek Ford F-150 Raptor SVT Body (Blue / Stealth Scheme) style:
Suitable for the following short cards

Traxxas \u0026 reg ; Slash Traxxas \u0026 reg; Slash 4×4 Associated SC10 Associated SC10 4×4 Losi XXX-SCT Losi TEN-SCTE 4WD Flo-Tek Body (Green / MotoX Scheme) Style:
Suitable for the following short cards:

Traxxas \u0026 reg; SlashTraxxas \u0026 reg; Slash 4x4Associated SC10Associated SC10 4x4Losi XXX-SCTLosi TEN-SCTE 4WDHPI BlitzUltima SC In addition to the car shell, Pro-Line also launched a Trencher that uses factory-made adhesive and M2 X short card remote control car tires with Renegade wheels, suitable for short cards including Traxxas Slash 2WD and 4 × 4, TLR Ten-SCTE, AE SC10 4 × 4 and HPI Blitz.

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