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Team Magic launches the new E4JR II 4WD electric RV RTR kit. It uses the same suspension design and frame layout as the competition-grade E4RS II Evo, and is replaced with some more cost-effective parts, including synthetic material gearboxes, shock absorbers and floor plates. Although it is an RTR product, Team Magic still uses a carbon fiber base plate, a second floor, and front and rear hydraulic brackets. Aluminum shock absorbers, front straight shafts and tail tooth differences are all standard equipment. For electronic equipment, waterproof electronic transmission, waterproof steering gear, Hard waterproof receiver and 2.4GHz remote control are all included in the product. There are several models of the car Traxxas Slayer Pro 4X4 shell for players to choose from, including Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ and BMW 3. TM this 1/10 electric room has a certain combat power, suitable for entry and intermediate players.
Vampire Racing launched the Type AB + V2 series brushless motors, which are based on the original Type AB + motors. The new V2 motor is easier to maintain, with improved performance and a more beautiful appearance. Compliant with regulations including IFMAR, EFRA and ROAR events, V2 is a decomposable product and uses a ‘black shaft’ stator with a dual balance design and titanium alloy coating. Provide 6.5T, 7.5T and 8.5T for players to choose, and 4.5T and 5.5T c Used Traxxas Slash ustomized for the electric room will also be listed in the fut Scx10 Parts ure.

Thunder Tiger launches the new 1/14 simulation climbing vehicle KAISER XS. Four-link suspension system, center-line centered gravity center configuration, high-torque four-wheel drive output, high-strength metal CVA universal drive shaft for front wheels. RTR products are assembled at the factory. The speed of the 390 carbon brush motor is as high as 10,000 RPM, and the shell of the transmission system has a reinforced cover to prevent the intrusion of dust and sand, enhance the efficiency of power transmission and extend the durability. The aluminum alloy metal base with the devil felt cable tie buckle design can easily fix the battery firmly, and the operation of battery replacement is also very convenient. In addition to the sturdy and durable metal base plate, it can also help the battery to dissipate heat, reducing battery damage caused by high temperatures.

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