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T Rc Car Websites he new car arrives with MST XXX VIP, the unpacking map will not be issued, too Rc Car Controller ma Sensored Brushless Esc ny lately, haha.
80% of the whole car is assembled, all you need to do is to install the motor and steering gear, as well as fill with suspension oil.
I’ve always wanted to buy a suspension oil rack, but look at the shelves of major brands are expensive, nothing to do, I DIY one.
Solidworks for drawing software. For beginners, you can only make some simple drawings, send them to the workstation notebook after drawing, and generate the toolpath file.
The printer starts warming up.
The work is completed after the warming up. < br> One side plate is completed
Two side plates are completed
Starting to print the upper layer
Try the size, just right
The bottom plate is also completed
Look closer to Me Cool ~ ha
From a different perspective, the XX version of the ABS suspension oil filling rack
has been busy for a long time and finally started to work, ha ha
Weighed, this rack is exactly 30g, according to the price of 100 yuan / kg on the market White minimum is more than 60 / kg), the material cost is about 3 yuan …
Lastly come to a MST XXX VIP completion map
By the way, has anyone used GWS PG03 with SAVOX 1251? Intermittent ventilation and then went on strike, it is normal to change other analog servos, compatibility problem?Team Losi Racing (TLR) launched a new 22X-4 1/10 4WD electric off-road vehicle buggy. The original 22-4 model three-belt drive was changed to a more efficient straight shaft drive, a truly new platform. The 22X-4 is lighter, easier to maintain and assemble, and more controlled. 2.5mm thickness aluminum base plate, full set suspension, floating servo base, G3 large-capacity shock absorber (piston without e-clamp), reserved position of motor cooling fan, set position of motor and battery, Carbon fiber shock absorbers and second floor slabs, etc., comprehensively improve the overall rigidity of the frame and optimize the twisting characteristics, so that the curve is smoother and smoother, and the jumping posture is better. The 22X-4 also uses an innovative height-adjustable design of the front and rear axles. In addition to changing the center of gravity, the setting of the scroll center will be more obvious. The new car is suitable for racing on various terrains, and the large-capacity gear differential has better durability. In fact, the 22X-4 prototype has already carried out relevant actual combat in this year’s IFMAR World Championship. It is believed that the performance of mass-produced vehicles remains at the top level. To buy TLR products, please go to

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