Short Course Truck Body, E Flite Blade, Best Rc Drift Car For Beginners

The sale of HPI 5SC made gasoline short-term cards burst into flames. Not only did LOSI enter the field of 1/5 gasoline vehicles with 5ive-t short-term cards, MCD has also revealed that the new MCD 1/5 gasoline short-term cards are also under development , At present there are only a few spy photos and some simple news.
The following is a brief introduction of the new short card on the official website of MCD:
Be prepared for the new action packed short course truck W5! Designed and built in MCD, the W5 is surely going to be another breakthrough in the large scale off-road segment. The W5 is equipped with totally new Xross Max Off-Road Tyres, quintuple lamp pods and unique front and rear bull-wings. The new Xross Maxis a large 190mm tire derived from the very famous MCD Micro-Stud Tyres added on the know-how gained throughout the competitive races during the season. To be released very soon, Short Course enthusiasts can now pre-ordertheir W5 from their dealers.
Overview MCD’s new petrol short card is still a niche product, and the frame is still the classic frame of MCD, in other words, there is nothing too much – change the car shell, tires, front and rear bumper is currently able to see the change. If there is any official news about this model, I will pass it over the first time

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Watch the video first and watch the prod Best Rc Drift Car For Beginners uction process.
Capo Jimny Samurai has been looking for the real car map of the samurai since the release. I can see that this Jimny fan has been tickling. After making two third-generation Jimny, I still think it is not addictive, or It takes Samurai to ease it. Because it was used for static civil use before, it still has a little accumulation. It E Flite Blade is more suitable than the Orlando Hunter D110 frame and the wheelbase width is more suitable, so we started to make changes. The accuracy of the static model is indeed very high.
The chassis matches the shell first.

My friend knew that I was going to rebuild and gave me an idle frame, some op pieces moved over.

Short Course Truck Body Abandon the use of Orlando’s wheels, and use static modification.
The static model is turned out and slowly made. Many small details are very moody.
Car shells make up the soil.
Top paint. Spraying, the car shell must be painted with airbrush.
The paint is pasted with stickers, and then the varnish
details are made
The tail light is wrong, it will be done.
The car shell is polished and polished. It was originally to be sanded with No. 2000 Tamiya sandpaper, but there is no more. Only 1500 will be used, then coarse, fine, and fine.
When it was not static before, It ’s in a state of urgency, and it can only be polished after spraying varnish for 1 week.
The last spray window strip
The old cat has been guarding my car
Seepage line
Glass cleaning nozzle It is very small, but I did n’t expect to cut it and I lost it.
I found a metal sticker when I did it, but the operation space is too small to be correct.
Basic stereotypes
Playing at home is very good.
Take out the suspension after adjusting the suspension. , Taking photos and videos, although it feels small, the simulation is still very good.

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