Show Me Rc Cars, The Frog Rc Car, Traxxas Slash 4X4 For Sale

Luxury materials from the inside out, unparalleled texture! New Year of the Dog RCFans launches custom leather key pendants, external Italian ALCANTARA suede (all luxury car original decorative materials) internal Nappa leather, German AMANN stitching, Italian Fedrigoni wrapping paper (for Euro banknotes and first- Traxxas Slash 4X4 For Sale line big-name packaging Paper supplier), imported embroidery machine fine embroidery, high precision punching process!
RCFans remote control fan customization! Limited Offer! You can have both ALCANTARA + Nap The Frog Rc Car pa l Show Me Rc Cars eather products immediately! Gift for personal use!
ALCANTARA genuine average price of more than RMB90 each
RCFans a set of three, only for RMB168 including postage
Single price: RMB69 including shipping
Please scan with WeChat (or Save and download the QR code and use WeChat to identify it) Buy it now!
Hot Bodies designer Josh Alton and factory driver Jesse Robbers will use Hot Bodies’ new CR8 off-road vehicle to participate in weekend Motorama indoor races. CR8 uses a new combination of synthetic frame and aluminum engine seat. The frame design of the mass-produced racing-grade off-road vehicle is quite different. The suspension design of the CR8 is upgraded based on the suspension design of the world championship car D8. The new car has only 5% parts common to the D8. In fact, the CR8 new car project It started in mid-2009. The first test was in May 2010. Now the photos of the prototype car are finally open to meet you! Source: Neobuggy.netOn Monday, Toyota officially released the Kirobo Mini robot, whose eyes are as innocent as a female deer, the size of which is only the size of a palm. Kirobo Mini wants to be a partner with Japanese children. Japan ’s birth rate is very low, and many women have no children. Toyota is a car company and developing robots is taking risks outside the car business. Fuminori Kataoka, chief design engineer at Kirobo Mini, said: ‘The robot is a little wobbly and can simulate a child sitting still. At this time, the child is not yet mature enough to maintain physical balance. This weakness will mobilize people’s emotions and resonate.’ >

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