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VA PON’s new brand POWER STAR has launched an RS-2211 digital servo with a beautiful appearance, brushless high vo Truggy For Sale ltage (HV), all-aluminum housing, stainless steel teeth + titanium teeth. 3Racing Cactus The performance parameters are 0.11 seconds (7.4V) and 0.094 seconds (8.4V), and the power is 22kg / cm and 24kg / cm.
Qianggu Classroom 1/8 GT RV throttle lever stop and throttle stroke adjustment. Following the mechanical adjustment of the previous article, you need to adjust the stop point with the throttle fully closed, and determine the throttle stroke based on the hole position. Specific adjustment method can refer to the detailed steps of the video operation.Tamiya Tamiya model will launch a limited edition Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) M-06 remote control car. The classic Volkswagen shell is finished spray-painted, 1/10 M-06 chassis, product number 47420. Details of the new car will be announced soon.

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The new product from Speed ​​Passion, the new 2009 GT2.0 LPF carbon fiber ESC, inherits the characteristics of GT1.0 and 1.1, which can bring relatively constant power and longer driving time. The ESC has 9 groups of memories, 8 of which are specially designed for brushless motors. GT2.0 is equipped with programmer, fan, wire, small capacitor and switch.

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