Slash 2Wd Upgrade, Rc Trophy Truck, Traxxas Velineon Motor

Yeah Racing’s 1/10 flat road car setting tool set has been upgrad Traxxas Velineon Motor ed. The new version V2 uses a new design and replaced with low-resistance bearings for more accurate measurements. High-quality aluminum components are available in blue, black, and orange looks for players to c Rc Trophy Truck hoose from. It can measure parameters including toe, caster, camber, etc. It is suitable for 1/10 electric room and oil room.

Atomic launched the new IS2 lightweight mini remote control car shell, suitable for 1/28 mosquito car, wheelbase 98mm. The RV model is derived from the 1/10 RV design, including the rear wing, window covering paper and body stickers are included in the product. Unpainted style, suitable for Atomic original AMZ BZ 2017 and a variety of 1/28 models. Product number AMZ-OP011-IS2.

Team Associated introduced some new parts for RC8 and RC8T. The first is this large-capacity suspension, which is sold separately before and after. It has a hard 16mm twisted tooth suspension tube and a 4mm stainless steel suspension core, which enhances the shock absorption effect and durability. There are also two tools for tuning large suspensions. There is also a clutch slurry made of hard 2024 aluminum, which is more durable and extends the life of the clutch.

Arrowmax introduces a remote control car shock absorber length measuring ruler suitable for 1/8 off-road remote control cars. Precise calipers can accurately measure the length of the shock absorber and the length of the shock absorber mounted on the hydraulic stand, and can be operated without removing the shock absorber from the car. Unique Slash 2Wd Upgrade black gold two-color aluminum appearance, support 1/8 off-road vehicles, trucks and some flat road remote control vehicles.

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