Slash 4X4 Upgrade, Mutator Rc Car, Xmaxx Wheels

DE Racing introduces setting wheels for 1/8 and 1/10 off-road remote control cars. The main component of this set of rims is the setting wheel, which uses a rubber outer ring design. It can accurately measure the height, Camber and toe parameters when installed in the car. Xmaxx Wheels Different diameters are available for 1/10 cars and 1/8 off-road vehicles, and models suitable for 1/10 short cards will be introduced later. In order to expand the use of this set of rims, suitable for different brands of remote control cars, DE manufacturers have also equipped with different rim adapters.


Smo Mutator Rc Car oth flat face to accurately set camber and toe Wheel diameters match those of tires for setting ride height Unique “roll to set” feature Adapter hubs for use on most current and future models Small size and rugged build for convenient pit bag transport Proudly Made in the USA

Part Numbers:

DER-SS-LW Large Wheels for 1/8 Buggy / Truggy and Short Course
Slash 4X4 Upgrade m> DER-SS-SM Small Wheels for 1/10 Buggy / Stadium Truck
DER-SS -10 Adapters for 10mm Hex
DER-SS-12S Adapters for 12mm Hex / Short Axle
DER-SS-12L Adapters for 12mm Hex / Long Axle
DER-SS-14S Adapters for 14mm Hex / Short Axle
DER-SS-14L Adapters for 14mm Hex / Long Axle
DER-SS-15 Adapters for 15mm Hex
DER-SS-17 Adapters for 17mm Hex
DER-SS-M Adapters for 5mm Axles
DER-SS-P Adapters f or Pin Drive
DER-SS-S Adapters for 3/16 ″ Axles

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