Slash Drag Body, Fastest Brushless Rc Motor, Traxxas Slash 1 16 Brushless

Futaba has launched a 6k V2 8-c Traxxas Slash 1 16 Brushless hannel aircraft model remote control. As an upgraded version of 6k, two new channels have been added. With multi-axis programming mode, it sup Fastest Brushless Rc Motor ports UAV products and PTZ control. This product can be used in Slash Drag Body addition to multi-axis aircraft, fixed-wing, remote-controlled helicopters and gliders. Compatible with S.Bus / S.Bus2, built-in antenna, 30 sets of model parameters, remote sensing function, and vibration prompt are all standard configuration. Belong to high cost performance products.

NT1 is originally a very light car, and drivers always seek ways to make the car lighter, such as reducing rolling inertia. XRAY’s ultra-lightweight front straight shaft can be directly replaced with standard front differential or multifunctional differential, and it is 56% lighter than the old front straight shaft, and the rolling inertia is greatly reduced. And the monolithic design is very sturdy.

KillerBody launches Toyota Crown Atlete car shell, finished spray-painted at the factory, wheelbase 257mm, width 195mm, suitable for 1/10 drift remote control car. Originally manufactured by the manufacturer, with high level of detail, silver body, product number # 48573.

OS Engine today released photos of its Spring / Summer 2007 collection. New products include Max-21VG-P ES, O.S. Speed ​​12TZ Spec II and more! Details can be found on the official OS website.

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